The Adornment Book ecourse

Hello and welcome to The Adornment Book class. I am so excited to offer you a kit to go with this class. It is the bones of the book but you will make it into your own work of art. I am always thinking about a new way to bind books and with inspiration from a friend, I came up with the rulers. I love collecting old rulers. I think they are so beautiful and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my books. So I photographed some of my favorites and applied them to pieces of wood. I rusted some screws and wing nuts to age them and they were the perfect solution to making a unique book binding.

I present this class as a book class but we are actually creating 7 pieces of art that can stand alone. If you love a specific page and want to keep it separate from the book, display it using an old hanger and make another page for your book.

We will have a private Facebook page even though this will be a small class for now. I have limited spots till I make more kits!  If you have any questions, each week I will ask you to list them in a thread and I will make a little video answering all of your questions.

Thanks so much for joining me as I endeaver on this new approach. I will also have more vintage and specialty items listed on my Etsy Store if you would like to check that out.

Here is the supply list for this class :


2 Wooden rulers, 3 rusted screws, 3 rusted wingnuts

4 pieces of muslin fabric, one lace page, on Battenburg lace page

Original art portrait printed on fabric, image transfer image, piece of tattered lace, vintage paper printed, vintage lace doily, piece of lace trim, resin paper, plastered stencil on silk organdy piece, glassine paper, awl



Even though I have enclosed 6 pieces of fabric for your book, you may want to add more. Such as:

Vintage fabrics, vintage laces, muslin. For the cover I used black heavy weight linen. (If you can’t find black, dye with any type of fabric dye, Rit Dye will work just fine). Sheer fabrics such as silk organza.


Plain old coffee to stain fabics

Ink pads-Black and StazOn ink pads- color Ganache You can use this as well as espresso color. Basically you need a black and a brown ink pad

Watercolors- Yellow ochre (I use Daniel Smith Burgandy Yellow ochre but you can use any brand of watercolor in yellow ochre) and Daniel Smith undersea green or any type of grass green color

Acrylic inks – Raw Umber

BRUSHES- round watercolor brushes, 2” utility brushes, sponge brushes, Brushtix Imagine dome applicator (optional). I just use it to make dots but if you are interested these are fun

Joint compound and spatula- Lowes or Home Depot or any home improvement store

Gesso, clear gesso

Matte gel medium

Self leveling gel by Golden

Resin (I have enclosed a piece of resin paper in your kit but if you want to make your own here is a link)

Wire brusheds for distressing fabrics

Ephemera—photograph your own artwork and make copies, collect old books. Here is a beautiful site that sells wonderful vintage ephemera and other items.

Letter stamps- You can pick those up at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Embroidery floss and embroidery needles

Mr. Clean magic sponges- you can get these at any grocery store in the cleaning department

Charcoal pencil, Derwent XL Black charcoal block  Graphgear 500 .3 pentel pencil

Stencils- Stencil Girl Here is a link to mine Traci Bautista


Video 1-The Adornment Book-Introduction

Video 2- The Adornment Book-Going Over the Kit

Video 3- The Adornment Book-Plaster Fabric

Video 4-The Adornment Book-Photoblender Iphone App

Video 5-The Adornment Book-Making Ephemera part 1

Video 6-The Adornment Book-Making Ephemera part 2

Video 7-The Adornment Book-Resin Paper

Video 8-The Adornment Book-Image Transfers

Video 9- The Adornment Book- Borders part 1

Video 10-The Adornment Book-Borders part 2

Video 11-The Adornment Book-Word Borders

Video 12-The Adornment Book-Prepping Pages

Video 13-The Adornment Book-The Stitches

Video 14-The Adornment Book-Dress Cover part 1

Video 15-The Adornment Book-Dress Cover Part 2

Video 16- The Adornment Book- Banner with mending part 1

Video 17-The Adornment Book-Banner with mending part 2

Video 18-The Adornment Book-Halo Portrait

Video 19-The Adornment Book-Collage with cold wax

Video 20-The Adornment Book-Pockets

Video 21-The Adornment Book-Adding Cold wax

Video 22-The Adornment Book-Gesso Back pages


BONUS VIDEO= Little Bodices



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