Soul Dwellings e-course

I have created this blog for any questions or comments on this course, but be sure to join the private Facebook page for posting your work.

Here is the supply list for this class (don't get overwhelmed, you can substitute with what you have.) You can post your questions here.


Supply list:

Filbert bristle brushes  sizes 4,6,8

Flat bristle brushes 2,4,6,8

¼” angular brush

Walnut inks

Tim Hotz distress inks- old paper, antique linen and tattered rose

Or here

White casein paint

Daniel Smith watercolors, sodalite genuine, burgundy yellow ochre, piemontite genuine, rose madder genuine

Watercolor hot press paper

Vintage linens-table cloth, table runner, placemats, etc.

Powered charcoal

Charcoal or pastel fixative

Pan pastels

Sponge applicators


Graphic Gear 500 pentel pencil .03 lead

Hybrid technical pen .03

Stabilo marks all pencil

Derwent XL Charcoal

Cretacolor charcoal and holder

Walnut oil

Needle and embroidery floss




Matte medium

Clear gesso

Joint compound

28 gauze dark annealed wire


Frozen charlotte plastic molds.

Mending tissue

Rose tree metal stencil

Vintage ledger paper on etsy….there are many shops so just do a search but I found this store to have good pieces

Packing tape

Hug snug ribbon

Silk organza fabric

Acetone (you can purchase this at a hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes)

Fineline applicator







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