Prague and Budapest-The Living Studio with Jeanne Oliver retreat May 2-12, 2019

I have been teaching on Jeanne Oliver's network for a couple of years now. I got to know her online as well as watching her interviews with other artists which are so fun to watch!  I finally met her in person when I took a class from her at Donna Downey Studios. I am not a big talker but we ended up talking for almost three hours. She was genuinely interested in me and my work and really helped bring me out of my shell and to think big. She asked me if I could teach anywhere, where would I want to go. Well......Prague! Done! She made this happen and I can hardly believe it is true.

I love teaching. Teaching has really helped me become more engaging with others and I truly love when I can help a student realize their potential and motivate them to keep going and growing as an artist. To participate in this beautiful event is one of the biggest highlights of my art career! Here is a link with all the information and I hope to see you there.  I have also included a few pieces of art which will give you an idea of how I work. Jeanne and I love so much of the same things that the combination of both our methods I think will be outstanding!!


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